General Biology is designed for students with a limited background in biology and will survey the most important concepts, principles and processes of the biological sciences. Course topics include, cell structure and function, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, genetics, evolution, ecology, microbiology and biochemistry.

This course takes the student through the basic and advanced procedures of writing a research paper. Emphasis will be given to scholarly writing and following the appropriate style of writing expected in higher education.

Students will be presented with a thorough understanding of the distinctiveness of Biblical counseling. Topics discussed will include the history of Biblical counseling, the role of the counselor, the place of counseling in the ministry of the church, and how Biblical counseling, theory, and practice relate to and differ from some of the more common secular models and theories. Part of the course will involve a personal improvement project in which the student will become aware of his/her own counseling qualifications, design a plan for improving some area of his/her life, put that plan into action and then evaluate his/her progress at the end of the course.

The course consists of an analytical investigation of the nature of individual and organizational conflict from a Biblical perspective. Interdisciplinary analysis and scriptural case studies will provide the student with exposure to different methodologies and their effectiveness in resolving conflict.